Algorithms in major search engines are always changing to accommodate small businesses. The Panda update, for instance has turned to content quality in order to determine a website’s search rankings. 2017 small business SEO is on the rise, and here’s how it can help you:

Get More Local Results

Day by day the local SEO landscape is getting more and more recognition. 2017 will be the year that it will grow even more significant. Users are becoming aware that they can get their goods and services in their own local region, and Google is moving right alongside them. Moreover, the increase of searches coming from smart phones have contributed to the local search algorithm because the geographical location is sent by default. Local businesses will do good to follow this trend due to the inevitable proliferation of wearable smart devices that people can use on the go.

Stronger Social Signals

How can local companies take advantage of social signals? Other businesses turn it into content marketing by sharing quality content with their viewers. As more and more people share and re-tweet your content, its rank indirectly increases, leading to more exposure.

Social media is set to grow even larger in the following years. Small businesses should take advantage of this fact and use social media to send stronger local signals to their target audiences. You’ll notice that Google has also increased its SERP by way of social media results. The bottom line is, it’s time to start reaching out to your customers by working on your social media network.

Personalized Branding and Digital Assistants

SEO can help businesses deliver personalized products and services to their customers. Tech companies have a more defined advantage in this case- the popularity of Cortana, Siri and digital assistants have paved the way of collecting large amounts of user data for companies to sort through. All of these information can be used by local businesses residing in different regions around the world.

You can tailor the data received according to your locality. If you’ve used digital assistants before, you’ll know how they answer your inquiries and at the same time store your history of buying and searching for goods and services. This favors small business owners in the long run. SERP results in this case will favor the local companies.

Easier SEO Optimization

Local business should take advantage of SEO because it’s easier to build than ever. SEO optimization and trending Algorithm changes have mostly been in favor of local businesses for them to compete with bigger companies on an even level. It’s like Google is saying, “What are you waiting for? Everything is going in your favor. Build your SEO now!”

Building your SEO presence online in the past entailed working with SEO agencies to find the right keyword for your industry, building extensive back links and calculating the keyword density of each. Now, local businesses can focus on creating quality content and building honest links with other industry experts to gain a more favorable ranking in search results. Small business owners who had to compete with big-name companies now have an equal footing to becoming visible via search platforms.

The future of 2017 small business SEO is bigger and brighter than ever, thanks to the Algorithm updates that favor the smaller guys. It’s time to raise your eyes towards success and financial growth and take advantage of SEO ASAP!