Finding marketing strategies for local small businesses is not always easy. Sure, you may know the power of SEO marketing, but what really matters is appealing to customers, not search engines. Though SEO can help you be seen, only reaching out to customers can bring in the business. So here are a few digital marketing strategies for small businesses that can help you do that.

Start a Blog
When people Google you, or your service, you not only want your site to show up, but info about yours site. This can be difficult because people have noticed that there are two types of blogs: low-quality content for SEO sake, and interesting content that won’t show up on Google. This is where you find the fine line by hiring an expert. You need to be Google-friendly, but you also need high-quality, relevant posts that users will find helpful and interesting.
This will not only promote your business, but assist you in connecting with your customers, as well as letting them know that you know what you’re talking about. You want to help them for little to no profit. But at the same time, you can add affiliates to your blog that will bring in the income just for getting views on your page. Though keeping the customers intrigued should always be number one.

Videos Trump Articles
While starting a blog is great, uploading videos to your site is even better.
If you do not have a YouTube channel, you might consider getting one. Why? Studies show that video marketing is 600% more effective than text. It was also proven that shorter videos (when marketing) may not get more views, but more people will keep watching to the end. Whereas when the video is longer than five minutes, over half of the viewers will quite before it’s over. When it is under one minute, 80% will stay.

But why do people like videos more than text? Mostly because the brain processes what it hears and sees 60,000 times faster than what it reads. The info is automatically uploaded to the brain, whereas when reading, users have to “strain in order to retain”.

That’s why more than 60% of users prefer watching a video to reading an article. Although adding videos to e-mails, blog posts, and your site is useful, starting a YouTube channel may reach more people due to the fact that over a billion users are already on YouTube each month. So the chances of them clicking on your video are much more likely than them finding your blog.
Not to mention YouTube has high priority on Google, making your video pop up in search results without you lifting a finger.

Send Out Newsletters
Yes, it is true that many people hate receiving “junk mail” or promotional e-mails. That’s why it’s important that your e-mails appeal to customers, making them feel as if you are doing them a favor, rather than just trying to market.

The majority of people will welcome informative e-mails. Why? Because it’s easy. They don’t have to search, visit your site, or even watch a video to see what’s new. They can have it delivered to them directly on a weekly basis. On top of that, you can add your new blog posts, videos, deals, and anything else that your business has to offer.

Get a Social Media Manager
If you have time to start and manage a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and any other account, by all means do it. If you want to ensure regularly updated posts, events, and about pages, you may consider hiring a social media manager.

The job of a SMM is to keep your page fresh, up-to-date, high-quality, and relevant. The best part is, they are relatively cheap as far as experts go. They know all of the ins and outs of social media. What’s trending, what will engage fans.

Social Media Marketing is also wonderful for keeping in touch with your customers. They can comment on new posts and you or your SMM can reply in seconds. If they have questions, complaints, or comments, they can let you know on your feed or private message you. Most people prefer SMS to talking on the phone these days, so you’d be surprised how many people will keep quiet when not given SMS as a contact option.

Utilize Mobile Phone Popularity
Did you know that back in 2013, the number of people who use their mobile phone for business rather than their desktop increased? Well, ever since then, the gap has only widened. In 2009, 0% used their smartphones on a daily basis, because of course, this was before smartphones. In 2016, almost 60% of people preferred using their phone to their desktop.
One of the easiest ways to utilize the growing popularity of mobile phone usage is to build an app. This may not be free if you aren’t a developer yourself. But there are various companies that are relatively cheap. If not, freelancers are plentiful these days and are always willing to share their skills for a lower price than high-end companies.
In short, you want your user to be able to do a variety of things on your app if applicable, such as:

· Pay
· Check orders
· Make appointments
· And anything else possible

In general, people like convenience. It’s hard to remember that your customers have lives of their own and need everything to be as easy as possible. That’s why e-mails, videos, and mobile apps are so popular.

Customers also liked to feel understood. They want to believe that you are there for them, that you are just as human as they are. On the other hand they need to know that you are more qualified to do the work and run your business than they are. That’s why your blog needs to be written by someone who is knowledgeable yet friendly.

So remember, ease of access, professional knowledge, and relatable content. If you use these digital marketing trends that will matter most to your small business, all you have to do is sit back and watch your business flourish.