Local Tree Care Service

The Problem

Having realized they needed to improve their online presence and bring in more sales, Kalispell Tree Care reached out to us for a plan of action.

Our Solution

After running a website audit, we discovered several broken links, thin content pages, as well as missing meta and title tags on their exisiting website. We decided to rebuild their website, giving it a better structure and fixing all the old issues to make it more search-engine friendly. We also conducted some careful keyword research that considered their existing resources and the level of competition for the keywords. We honed in on a few optimal long-tail keywords that targeted the cities they serviced. Not only did our efforts generate more organic traffic for Kalispell Tree Care’s site, they also ranked higher for search terms that included their ideal locations. This ultimately increased their number of monthly customers. .

About Kalispell Tree Care

Kalispell Tree Care provides tree ree removal services in the cities throughout Montana, including Kalispell, Whitefish, Columbia Falls, Big Fork, Lakeside, and Evergreen.

Tree Removal Services
August 30, 2022
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