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Beautiful responsive websites for great user experience and increased sales

A well-designed website pays off in increased sales

Poorly designed and developed sites will result in a high bounce rate from your visitors. Bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors who hit your site and then leave again within seconds. Obviously this is highly undesirable. You’ve invested time and money to make your site more visible, but that does no good if visitors simply leave again within moments of arriving.

  • Mobile first design

    Mobile first design

    In many markets, the majority of visitors are viewing the site on a mobile device. If it doesn’t flow well there, they’ll leave for a site that does.

  • Intuitive Interface

    Intuitive Interface

    There is an adage in web design, “Don’t make them think”. What this means is, your site interface should be so intuitive that even people who spend very little time online should have no problem finding what they are looking for. As just one example, a button should look like a button, it should appear where people expect to see it, and behave as they expect when floating over it or clicking on it.

  • Captivating Content

    Captivating Content

    Studies show that most people won’t read more than the first two lines of anything before deciding if the rest of it is worth their time. This is so prevalent it’s even a popular acronym: TLDR, which means, “Too Long, Didn’t Read”. If your first couple of lines doesn’t grab their attention, you’ve likely lost them.

  • Proper Use of Animation and Decoration

    Proper Use of Animation and Decoration

    Yes, animations combined with great images and font/color combinations make for a visually engaging site, but it’s easy to overdo it. Sites with too many fancy animations, flashing buttons, or sliding text get annoying to visitors very quickly. Judicious use of these elements can improve User Experience, but going overboard will have them leaving in droves.

    It’s vital to keep in mind the point of any business website. It’s not so the designer can show off their ‘skills’, but to engage the visitor and ultimately convert them in to a customer. Enhanced user experience is defined not as a ‘pretty site’, but a visually appealing site that’s easy to navigate, doesn’t require the user to think in order to find what they are looking for, and answers their questions quickly and efficiently.

    Professionally designed sites that keep the above factors in mind generate a steady stream of new business for their owners, while sites that ignore these factors or focus too much on fancy effects and pretty pictures push visitors away and send them running to the competition.

    Our professional developers aren’t just skilled designers, but highly knowledgeable experts in the field of Search Engine Optimization. Your LWC-built site will engage your visitors while providing them with a very positive user experience, the ultimate goal of which is always, always to convert them in to a new customer.

    If you have an existing site, we’ll be happy to analyze the areas where we can improve on it, and if you need a new site from scratch, we’ll build it with all of the above factors in mind. The end result in either case will be a great site that engages your visitors, is ranked well by search engines, stands out from your competition, works well on all devices, and most importantly generates more business.

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  • Integrated Blogs

    Integrated Blogs

    Our design helps you to add fresh content regularly on your website through a user-friendly interface

  • Optimized Web Performance

    Optimized Web Performance

    We increase visitor retention and loyalty by optimizing our sites to load faster on slow internet connections and mobile devices.

  • Social and feature rich

    Social and feature rich

    We build highly shareable feature rich sites that allow information to be shared easily across all social media networks.

  • Clean And Professional

    Clean And Professional

    Our simple yet professional design helps you to make a great first impression. It attracts your target audience and keeps them hooked to your site.

  • Responsive and Interactive

    Responsive and Interactive

    Our sites have an interactive responsive design to work across all browsers and devices. We offer a systematic blend of latest web design technology through a technically proficient website.

  • Custom Logo Design

    Custom Logo Design

    We work with you to design a logo that’s just right for your business. We focus on creating something unique and original that sets you apart from other businesses.

Our digital marketing expertise and consumer-led approach can help you land more of your dream customers