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Locally focused and effective lead generation


To generate local leads, local businesses have to specialize their lead generation strategies. Search engines, like Google show results differently for local searches, which is why strategies for finding local leads differ from those focused on finding customers who are solely online.

Google My Business

Google My Business

Google My Business lets you build visibility in Google Maps and Google searches. Your business listing shows right when people look for your business or your business-related services in your area. What’s more, you can add store hours, phone number, photos and your website to your listing to make it easier for your clients to reach you.

At LWC, this is one of our favorite tools for local lead generation. We optimize your listing to appear higher in local searches. We encourage your clients to leave reviews to make your listing attractive and improve your conversions. We engage your audience by responding to questions and reviews on your behalf to increase customer satisfaction and show that you care.

Google Ad-words

Google AdWords

Google AdWords has tremendous potential for getting your business in front of your local audience. Google AdWords along with Google My Business and SEO, lets you dominate the first page for local searches. It’s the quickest, most measurable and controllable way to generate high-quality targeted local leads.

We’ve managed several AdWords campaigns and made them profitable. We implement proven keyword bidding strategies to deliver a higher return on investment. Our experts optimize your ads to get more clicks and then strategize your landing pages to increase leads and conversions.

High-Conversion Local SEO

High-Conversion Local SEO

To rank higher in local searches, Google needs to see that you’re in the same area as the customer, and that your site has the relevant information they are looking for. Local clients have a higher conversion rate than online customers, so by dominating the local searches and driving more of these high conversion customers to your door, you’ll put more money in your pocket.

To achieve this, our team optimizes your content to target local audience and create location-specific backlinks to boost your rankings in local searches. Our focus is to rank your local business higher for the most-used local keywords, placing you ahead of your competition and garnering a higher percentage of local customers.

Most Powerful Trust Tool

The Web’s Most Powerful Trust Tool

Nothing will show a potential new customer that they can trust your company like positive local reviews. Companies with consistently excellent customer satisfaction ratings can count on a much higher percentage of the local market than the competition.
Studies show that when searching for a local product or service, people will almost always choose reputation as defined by customer reviews over price or location.
In addition, customer comments and feedback need to receive the attention they deserve. Even a simple ‘Thank you’ to a positive review shows other visitors to your site that your customers are appreciated and are important to you. Because many business owners just don’t have the time to stay on top of reviews and comments, so we do that for you.

Our experts understand the importance of customer satisfaction. We encourage your customers to leave feedback or ask questions, and when they do we respond promptly and courteously on your behalf.

Lead Generation Tools

Lead Generation Tools

The right tools can turn your website into a turbo-charged lead generation machine. With these tools, businesses can build attractive opt-in forms, messages and many other features on their site to capture more leads.

We use such tools to scale up your lead generation strategy. Along with embedding attractive lead generation features on your site, we monitor and improve the metrics to continually improve visitor interaction and conversion.

Could your current online marketing strategy be improved? We’ll show you how…

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