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Organic Search is Important

Written by: Oreoluwa Nathaniel – B2B & SEO Writer

Reviewed by: James Clarkson: Head of SEO

If you read any article about business in today’s world, you’re going to be bombarded with tips about SEO. And you may be left scratching your head, wondering what the big deal is. After all, SEO is just saying a bunch words that people like, right?

Not really. When the Internet was first getting going, a bunch of spam sites would just cover their pages in keywords, and then usually fill in the text to match the same color as the background. That way, the search crawlers would pick them up and boost their rankings. But now, things are far more complicated. It’s now not just what you say, but how you say it.

Currently, search algorithms are looking for content. And while at first blush “content” might just sound like another word for, well, “words”, there is a difference. Content is the makeup of your web pages. So if you ran a blog about potatoes, your pages better have articles and pictures relevant to the topic. If you went to a blog claiming to be about sports cars but then there was mostly pages asking you to buy this, that, and the other, you can bet that’s a spam site.

To reduce spam site’s rankings, crawlers are looking for that relevant content. They want to make sure people can find the good sites faster. They’re also trying to make sure that those who are on mobile devices get to it first, as now more than ever are people using the phones to hop online.

When you’re looking to start a website, whether it is for your business or as a blog you’re trying to monetize, you need help with SEO. It’s really not something one person can do, and especially not as well as a trained professional could do it.

“What’s the difference?” you’re asking yourself. Here’s the difference; those who are trained in SEO go beyond a web page’s face value. They know everything from how to code HTML and meta tags, to producing quality, relevant content that people are actually looking for. They aren’t trying to game the system like spammers; they try to drive real, actual web traffic to you.

When you use SEO correctly, you’re boosting the number of visitors, which in turn can boost your conversion rates. If you owned a local pizza parlor, you would need an SEO professional to not only get you on the board, but be able to help you fight off Pizza Hut and Domino’s in the search rankings. They may help you produce online promo codes, start a blog about pizza, or post some pictures of your delicious food online.

But a good SEO firm does more than that. They dive deep into your website itself to make changes from the inside-out. They know all the subtle things Google’s crawlers are looking for, things you may not have even heard of.

If you’re serious about producing better search results for your company, you need a professional who does it all. Contact us today and rank better, faster!

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