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Milwaukee is a bustling hotspot. To thrive within the noise as a local business, you need a dominant online presence.
That usually means investing in any or all of the following:
If you need a digital marketing agency that boasts a track record of success with local businesses like yours, let’s chat
  • local-SEO
  • local-ppc
    Paid Advertising (PPC) 
  • local-websitedesigndevelopment
    Web Design & Development 
  • local-contentmarketing
    Content Marketing
  • local-digitalmarketing
    Digital Marketing Audit & Strategy Development 
  • local-google-listing
    Google Listing & Business Directory Management 
  • local-review-generation
    Review Generation and Reputation Management 
Yea, that’s a lot of buzzwords. But they’ve made our clients hundreds of thousands to lots of money and we’re good to go!

Some of the results we’ve achieved for Milwaukee Companies

  • 225%

    increase in call inquiries

  • 744

    leads in 4 months

Why businesses in Milwaukee struggle (and how we can help)

You’re far from the only Milwaukee local business looking to invest in digital marketing. But many online marketing strategies end in disappointment: zero to negative ROI, sub-par execution, little to no impact on revenue or bottom line…


Based on our discussions with clients and prospects, there are two main culprits:

  • The marketing agency/service provider is simply negligent or incompetent.

  • The marketing strategy is generic/a one-size-fits-all. It doesn’t consider the business’s unique M.O. & lacks a true understanding of the local industry.

The second issue is common among agencies and SEOs dealing with local businesses in Milwaukee.

No two businesses are the same. Buyer-seller behavior differs across industries. Without a thorough grasp of the landscape and what the local consumers want, local marketing campaigns often end up with mediocre results.

At Local Web Concepts, we have a granular approach to marketing. Before starting any local campaign, we painstakingly gather data on all the relevant moving parts of your business and industry.

This is how we’ve generated an average ROI of 527% for clients over the last 2 years.

We can help you achieve similar results. Schedule a consultation with our experts to find out how.

Businesses that we serve?

As an online marketing agency based in Milwaukee, we are focused on local businesses within
the region and surrounding areas. These include West Allis, Brookfield, New Berlin, and Wauwatosa.
  • home-improvement-advertising-service
    Home improvement & remodeling companies
  • hvac-marketing-agency
    HVAC businesses
  • general-contractor-marketing
    Construction businesses
  • law-firm-marketing
    Legal firms
  • real-estate-marketing
    Real Estate
  • automotive-marketing
    Automotive & transport businesses
  • towing-marketing
    Towing companies
  • tree-service-marketing
    Tree Services

Here’s what a few of our clients have said about us

average roi of 527%

“I am very happy with Local web concepts, i appreciate the follows up they do to meet my needs ,and listen to what i would like to see on my marketing.”


Michael Taylor

Taylor Landscape and Construction 

“Went from worrying about next week, to being booked solid 2 months out. Quickly. Best money I’ve ever spent on my business. It has easily justified the fee every month, even the first one. Highly recommended.”


Philip Deiterich

Perfection Painting

Johnny has helped us out tremendously with his expertise in marketing and driving new customers to our business.

Costa Property Maintenance

Ben Costa

Costa Property Maintenance

Thank you John! John has taken my business to the next level with his expertise and experience with advertisement. Would not trust anyone else to advertise my business. Very easy to work with and very honest. Highly Recommended!


Rosemary M

Churchill Limo

Our Internet Marketing Services Can Help Your Business Scale and Dominate the Local Market

A spot in the top search results can literally transform a business. We’ve seen it happen. Local buyers still rely on good old fashioned referrals and word of mouth. But they’re fast embracing the comfort of Google searches.

People searching for services in their area are often ready to open their wallets. And you have to be there when they’re looking. As an SEO agency, Local Web Concepts works hard to position our clients right in front of people who need their business. We target only profitable local keywords, and keep up-to-date with the most recent search algorithms. Our local SEO doesn’t focus only on search engine rankings but also on improving your bottom line.

Today’s buyers judge a book by its cover. As a business, that cover is your website. For most companies in service industries, your website is potentially a major (if not primary) source of revenue. At LWC, we’ve worked with clients that scaled to 6 and 7-figure businesses with their websites.

Every website page we build is based on a solid foundation of SEO, your brand identity, and UX that is customized to suit your ideal consumer’s behavior. Generating qualified leads through website conversions in competitive markets is a science. Our web design experts have mastered this science.

When done right, pay-per-click can seem like a cheat code. Instant results. An onslaught of qualified leads you don’t know what to do with—these are all possible with effective PPC campaigns. But local PPC in Milwaukee is quite competitive. And advertising agencies don’t always get it right.

Our campaigns generate high ROI because they’re built around our clients’ business and target audience, rather than forced to fit. We provide complete PPC management, so we do everything from bid management to creating landing pages.

As a location-based or service-area business, your Google listing is your lifeblood. We employ tactics that send positive signals to Google and boost your position in the map pack. We will also set up and completely optimize your Google Business Profile if this hasn’t been done.

Citations can still make or break local businesses. When optimized correctly, they generate more leads, create awareness, and can improve your organic rankings.

LWC provides complete citation management and clean-up services. We’ll place your business in the relevant business directories and make a difference on your bottom-line.

The most dominant local businesses employ content marketing. They create content their audience needs. This not only helps them spend more time at the top of search results. They also become household names in their local industry.

Our approach to content marketing is unique. We turn your brand into a powerhouse of reliable, expert-vetted information for your target consumers. The end result? You become a trusted source and own a powerful digital presence.

Great reviews are crucial for your Google listing (and other directories). But they are hardly easy to come by. At LWC, we work closely with clients to collect splendid reviews from their customers. We employ tactics that incentivize buyers and reduce friction in the review generation process.

We strongly favor ethical review management practices. Dishonest reviews are often flagged, taken down, (especially on Google), and can hurt a business’s reputation. Our job is to help you maintain a growing, positive reputation by collecting great reviews and handling negative feedback.

Unlike specialized audits, a website audit scrutinizes all the moving parts of your digital presence. We identify broken parts, weak links, and diminishing tactics to get a clear picture of where to improve. The audit provides a strong foundation.

With this we build a comprehensive strategy tailored for your business. This means accounting for your strengths, weaknesses, available resources, ideal buyer profile, locations, and business goals.

Our digital blueprints are quite accessible and can be executed in-house (if you have the resources). But we’ll always recommend working with our experts for a bigger guarantee of success.

Need a digital marketing service, or not sure where to start? Reach out to our experts, and they will contact you shortly.

Need a digital marketing service, or not sure where to start?

Fill out the quote form, and our experts will reach out shortly.


Milwaukee Digital Marketing FAQs

Our services typically come with six or twelve-month contracts (paid monthly). Month to month deals are often impractical, as setting up a successful campaign takes a lot of research and planning. To get the best results, we often have to analyze real market & audience data based on active campaigns. This takes some time and can’t be done in a month.

Digital marketing is quite competitive. Results hardly come overnight, especially for organic approaches like SEO and content marketing. It’s crucial to us that we avoid any miscommunication and disappointment. So we prioritize total transparency and establish realistic expectations and timeframes early on.

Many experts recommend the unofficial rule of allocating 10 to 15% of your revenue to marketing. And then 30 to 60% of that marketing budget to digital marketing. Don’t take that rule too seriously. A marketing budget is best determined by your business goals, resources, and competition.

We can recommend an almost oversimplified process:

  • Zero in on the specific results you want from a marketing campaign: number of leads, followers, website traffic, etc.
  • Determine how you want to achieve those results; marketing channels and tactics that should be used.

You’d need some marketing knowledge or a lot of research to carry out these tasks. Or simply enlist a marketer or advertising agency to help out. With their help, find out how much you’d realistically have to spend. Draw this amount up against what you can realistically afford or is financially sensible. Make a decision (or a compromise) between what you have, what you want, and what you can get.

This often depends on the nature of your industry, targeted locations, competition, and the specific digital marketing service. With SEO, for instance, it can take anywhere from six months to a year plus to see real results. While a PPC campaign can generate results in as little as two months.

That said, it will be short-sighted to focus all your digital marketing efforts on a single channel that generates the fastest results. Channels with rapid gains are often paid channels, like social media ads or PPC. But when compared with other organic channels, like SEO, over long periods, their ROI typically pales in comparison.

You definitely don’t have to invest in every digital marketing service. But sustainable, long-term success often depends on a combination of different online marketing tactics.

If you don’t have a lot of historical marketing or campaign data to work with, a good bet is to consult a digital marketing company. They will conduct audience and competitive research as necessary. This way, they will determine a practical marketing strategy that provides competitive advantage.

With campaign data, you can do some analysis to get a good idea of what’s been working for your business, what has not, and potentially productive channels. But you would need some marketing proficiency for this.

You’d probably be better off relying on the expertise of seasoned marketers for a thorough analysis. They will identify opportunities, what needs to be improved, and recommend tactics to generate the best ROI. Our internet marketing agency, Local Web Concepts, does all of the above via our digital marketing audit.

Location-based or service-area businesses are always better off with agencies that operate within their industry and location(s). Compared to other agencies, they understand your buyers better and will typically be more cost-effective. They’ve spent more time with businesses like yours. They likely already have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t.

To choose the best digital marketing agency, you have to ask the right questions. The questions will vary depending on the service you’re after, but here are a few to keep in mind:

  • How they measure client success.
  • How they communicate with clients.
  • How they adjust tactics when things aren’t working as planned.
  • How they involve clients with projects.

You should also review the agency’s testimonials and portfolio. Assess their website to see if they practice what they preach.

Our digital marketing expertise and consumer-led approach can help you land more of your dream customers