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What really matters? New Customers and Real ROI

Written by: Oreoluwa Nathaniel – B2B & SEO Writer

Reviewed by: James Clarkson: Head of SEO

The ever changing dynamics of business and increased competition has made digital marketing important more than ever. Some business, especially those that are well established are still embracing the use of traditional marketing techniques such as use of print media to market their services. However, things are quickly changing and businesses have no option but switch to digital marketing that is if they want to stay competitive. Nowadays, before someone makes that important decision of doing business with a certain company, the first step that they usually take is visiting the company’s website and scrutinize everything, from the quality of products or services that they offer to customer reviews and rating. There are two things that are crucial for the success of any business.

They include lead generation and return on investment (ROI). If fact, that is what really matter in b2b marketing. So are you struggling to generate leads? Are you not getting ROI on leads that you are currently generating? If the answer is YES, then you are not alone. A research conducted recently has shown that most marketers lead generation effort is not giving results that they want. In this article, we are going to offer concrete solutions.

  1. Pay per click (PPC) advertising

    If you want quick influx of customers, then pay per click advertising is a good option for you. Well established online advertising platforms such as Google adwords have made it possible for people to market their services specifically to customers who are searching for products or service that you offer within your locality. This marketing technique is highly recommended especially to businesses that have websites that are not doing well in search engines. It can also integrate well with other digital marketing strategies.

  2. Lead generation

    A lead is a person who has clearly shown interest in services or products that you offer. If you own a business, then you definitely know that lead generation is very critical but very challenging to generate. The strategies that you use to generate will determine if you will be able convert strangers and prospects into leads. By showing organic interests in your business, prospects are actually initiating the relationship with your business. This means it easier and more natural for them to want to take an action somewhere down the line. Effective lead generation can translate to increase ROI.

  3. Search engine optimization

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is an effective marketing technique that will make your website visible in search engine. SEO is highly recommended because it has higher lead conversion. Most people who search for products or service via search engine research page (SERP) are usually willing to take an action. If the website is well optimized, your website pages will rank high in search engines, a factor that will boost traffic on your website. SEO is not just about ranking, it also focus on improving user experience and providing quality content that the visitor is looking for. This helps to boost lead conversion increasing ROI.

  4. Social media marketing

    With over 2 billion people using the social media on a daily basis, there is no doubt that this platform provide great opportunity to marketers. Major social media such as Facebook, Instagram twitter LinkedIn and Pinterest has made it possible for marketer to communicate directly to their audience. However, most business are still not able to generate leads because they are not able to connect with their audience. To generate lead from social media platforms, you need share informative, engaging and up to date information to your audience. You also need to engage directly with your audience by answering their questions and queries. This way, they will easily click the link to your website.

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