Speedy Dumps

How we generated 225% more calls through SEO for a dumpster rental.

The Client: A Milwaukee-based Dumpster Rental

The Ask

Being a service-based business, Speedy Dumps wanted a bigger clientele base that covered more cities within the area. They also needed to challenge established competitors with a thriving local presence in their preferred locations.

The company had identified 8 major nearby locations for expansion. The ultimate objective: to provide a competitive and profitable local search presence in each city.

They needed a website and a local SEO strategy to achieve this.

What We Did

Local Competitive Analysis

The client needed to rank in eight locations, so we performed thorough competitor research for each one. As it turned out, the same competitors were ranking in most of the cities.

We delved into their website designs to spot patterns, trends, and weaknesses in their UI and site architecture. Size guides, how-to-resources, and service pages were a common theme.

We also analyzed their backlink profiles, top-ranking pages and keywords that were bringing in the most traffic.

With this research, we could spot the competition’s strengths and weaknesses, thus we were able to create a highly competitive SEO strategy.

USP and Consumer Research

We needed website visitors to become leads, so the team identified Speedy Dumps’ ideal customers. We did this through discussions with the company’s staff and some external research. The ICPs wanted fast and affordable dumpster rentals that were transparent and flexible.

We also specified the business’s unique selling points —punctual drop-offs and pickups; convenient quoting and communication — and made these a focal point in the content.

The prior research provided a strong foundation for our lead generation strategy. The existing sales process was a perfect fit for the lead pipeline, which was fairly straightforward. We just had to make sure the company’s search presence resonated with prospects.

Website Design

A custom website was designed from scratch, built out with service pages, an FAQ page, and location landing pages for the preferred cities. Using a custom website limited the need for plugins, which boosted site loading speed, responsiveness, and security.


We identified the most profitable and strategic keywords (money keywords) and optimized the pages for them. The content on each location page was unique to each city’s clientele and spoke to their immediate pain points.

For each page on the website, we focused on intuitiveness and visual appeal, using visible CTAs, a highly navigable UI and menu, and crisp pictures of the company’s dumpsters. We also built a short quote form that collected adequate information.


We launched PPC campaigns for the target cities, choosing the demographics based on the ICP we’d earlier generated. ROI was a huge focus, so the campaigns were mobile-only—based on available data, the target audience were far more action-oriented on mobile.

GBP Optimization

The client’s Google Business Profile, a crucial aspect of their local SEO, needed improvement. We optimized it by filling out all the necessary business information, including keywords, using updated portfolio and on-site pictures, and building local citations.

The Results

Within 3 months of implementing our strategy, lead conversions increased by 189%, while phone call inquiries increased by 225%.

Speedy Dumps case study proof

In 6 months, the website appeared in the top 3 and 5 organic search positions for 3 cities —the homepage and location pages were ranking for 6 different money keywords, which kept lead traffic at a premium.

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Our ongoing partnership with Speedy Dumps has helped them develop a constant source of leads and a highly competitive and consistent search presence in their service locations.

Our digital marketing expertise and consumer-led approach can help you land more of your dream customers